The Lawtrades 2022 Roundup

What a year! Let’s turn back the clock and look back at how we helped legal professionals and in-house legal departments over the last 365 days.

1.7k +
talent profiles created

hours worked

applications sent

Total payouts

Every year, Lawtraders earn more and more from the platform. This year was no different, with total payouts reaching a historic $19,200,000!

Engagements facilitated

Freelance legal professionals are finding work faster and easier on the platform. To date, clients started 630 engagements on the Lawtrades platform.

Total hours worked

Work is constantly being done on the platform - whether project based, part-time, or full-time. Year to date, Lawtraders have worked and billed 159,400 hours, with more than 75,000 being in just 2022!

GC’s from all industries leveraged Lawtrades.

Lawtrades appeals to corporate legal departments in a variety of different business sectors. The list of industries continues to grow, Lawtrades is seeing explosive growth in the following sectors:

Top practice areas

While a bulk of the engagements and work performed on the platform is in the commercial contracts realm (nearly 44%), we are constantly seeing roles that seek expertise in corporate & securities, commercial compliance, privacy, real estate, intellectual property, litigation, legal operations, and many other aspects of law.

Saving companies millions

2022 continued to show that great legal work can be charged at an affordable price. Typically, law firms charge 60% in overhead costs to the client. You are also—oftentimes—having the bulk of the work performed by a more junior professional. Well, we’ve replaced those mark ups with software and focused on what matter really matters; matching you with a great professional at a better rate.

*Industry averages are based on benchmarks from e-billing systems

Lawtraders were all over the world

In 2022, Lawtrades continued and expanded its global reach. Legal professionals in the UK, Spain, Germany, Ireland, South Korea, Netherlands, and Brazil all utilized the platform to provide great legal services to busy in-house departments.

Top talent type

We saw a real diversification of legal talent types in 2022. While attorneys remained a large portion of the platform, we saw a slew of new paralegals, legal operations professionals, and contract managers.

Community growth

Our content reach and community saw significant and explosive growth this year. Reaching more than 134,000,000 users across the world, our content was informative, funny, and viral.

4,322 community subscribers

3,042 RSVP’s

Social Media followers

As for our community, we reached 4,322 subscribers to our legal newsletter, Not Billable, 3,042 RSVPs to our member contributed and moderated events, and more than 50,000 followers across social media platforms.

Thank you, again

Whether you used Lawtrades to pay off your student loans, or scale your legal operations, or just followed along, we couldn’t have made it through 2022 without you. We’re excited for an even better 2023!

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