The Ultimate Blueprint For Building a Legal Operations Team

The Ultimate Blueprint For Building a Legal Operations Team

Everything you need to know to build a solid, scaleable legal ops function.

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What is Legal Ops?

Legal operations is a business tool that optimizes the delivery of legal services. It can be thought of as the lubricant that keeps the legal department running. It’s also the compass that keeps legal on track to reach its goals. How does it do this? By taking charge of strategy, process, and efficiency so that legal can focus on the work they do best.

A Game Changer for the Legal Department

We are witnessing the rise of the legal operations function. As legal budgets are constrained, and general counsels and heads of legal find themselves buried in more work, the strategic value of an operations team is coming to light.

This year at Lawtrades 24.3% of all positions created have been ops focused (compared to just 15% in 2021). And, as of September 2022, 333,000 LinkedIn members had “legal operations” in their title with 28,363 jobs in legal ops posted on the site.

These trends reflect a shift in mindset. The legal department, once regarded as a cost center, is positioning itself as a revenue protector through greater efficiency, data-centered decision-making, and cross-departmental reach.

How Legal Ops Came to be

Whether you’re looking to make your first legal ops hire, or you’re ready to scale your team we’ve got answers for you.


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The Ultimate Blueprint For Building a Legal Operations Team

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