The Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Commercial Contracting

Ten legal leaders share how to bake resiliency and efficiency into your contracting processes.

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How to bake resiliency and efficiency into your contracting processes

In-house legal departments are constantly tasked with optimizing their commercial contracting processes. This can range from building for scale-up to accommodate growth or streamlining the process so that contracts get to execution at a lightning speed.

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Targeted insights will help you develop contract processes that capture critical business intelligence, aid in managing contract lawyers, strengthen relationships, and more. Download our free white paper and discover the latest tools and strategies to:

  • Assess risk, enhance consistency, scale services to meet fast business growth, speed deal closures, and more
  • Establish key KPIs to understand delays and forecast future legal department needs
  • Drive win-win negotiations for more positive relationships
  • Communicate risk to business stakeholders more clearly

Based on the experience of these 10 legal leaders

Learn from 10 industry leaders on how to leverage effective contracting processes to minimize risk and maximize value.

Jasmine Singh

General Counsel @ Binti

Jonathan Franz

AGC @ Crunchbase

Linda M. Gates

Director of Legal @ Agiliti Health Inc.

Kathy M. Zhu

CEO @ Streamline AI

Meg Mericle

Commercial, Privacy & Product Counsel @ Axios

Adam Doganieri

AGC @ Keller Williams Realty

Michael Benza

GC @ Everest Group

Akaash Gupta

Deputy General Counsel @ VSCO

Jennifer Judge

Former GC @ Rug Doctor LLC.

Rori Robison

AGC @ Pinterest

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