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How we built enterprise offerings for Headspace

The Challenge

Headspace’s legal team was lean. With a large stable of enterprise customers, their procurement process involved tons of legal paperwork — which was proving to be a heavy lift for their General Counsel, Michael Marchand, to take on himself.

Our Solution

Headspace worked with Lawtrades to flex additional support that would handle their commercial review, so Michael could spend his time involved in the work that he did best, allowing him to take over a comprehensive view of their legal program.

Enterprise offerings
No long-term contracts
Single point of contact
Friendliness and customer support

Supercharging Udemy’s commercial contract work

The Challenge

Udemy was scaling, fast. Their contracts with customers were growing faster than they could manage and preventing their team from moving the most important deals forward.

Our Solution

Udemy worked with Lawtrades to seamlessly hire on support that allowed them to immediately focus on the most important contracts and move forward to the next deal.

Cost-effective rates
Quick talent onboarding
Streamlined flexible legal services

How we built a flexible legal team for Recharge

The Challenge

Recharge’s Head of Legal, Brandon Une, was operating solo. They had just raised their Series B, and he desperately needed support, but workflow varied and taking on a full-time hire did not make sense.

Our Solution

Brandon used Lawtrades’ flexible model to scale up support both where and when he needed it — without having to commit to a minimum spend or number of hours. This allowed him to focus on the big picture, instead of being tied down in review.

Contract management
Flexible model
Commercial contracts

Why Lawtrades?

Elite Talent Pool

Access a curated network of legal professionals, each rigorously vetted for excellence.

Flexibility & Scalability

Adjust your team's size and composition as your business needs change, with the option to hire full-time when the time is right.

Reduced Hiring Risks

Evaluate candidates in real-work scenarios before extending a full-time offer, reducing the risks associated with new hires.


With our contract-to-permanent model, you save on hiring costs and benefit from competitive contractor rates before transitioning to a full-time salary.

Full Support

We offer support from the initial matching process to the transition to full-time employment, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your hires.