Hire permanent talent on Lawtrades

Find your permanent fit after they make an impact on your company

Companies and top-tier legal professionals now have the unique opportunity to collaborate and assess their working synergy before making a permanent commitment. Maximize efficiency and foster meaningful connections – accomplish critical legal tasks while nurturing a foundation of trust. Transition to a full-time engagement when the timing aligns perfectly for both parties.


Try before you hire

Our platform makes hiring legal freelancers seamless, efficient, and effortless. We're proud to have a talent network as strong as the team behind it.

Moreover, misguided hires can be particularly detrimental for burgeoning legal departments. At Lawtrades, we champion a contract-to-full-time model.

Engage a legal professional as a contractor and transition them to a permanent position once they've demonstrated their value to your team.

How it works

Hiring made easy

Lawtrades connects you with elite legal professionals ready to dive into your projects as contractors. With our rigorous vetting process, we ensure that you start with top-tier talent, perfectly matched to your unique needs. This approach allows you to evaluate performance and fit before making a long-term commitment.

Seamless transition to permanent

When you find the right match, transitioning your Lawtrades contractor to a permanent position is streamlined and straightforward. We're here to support every step of the way, ensuring a smooth changeover for both your team and your new full-time hire.

We help with compliance & payments

Move your relationship to your own payroll system or allow Lawtrades to support you with compliance and payments across over 165 countries.

Why Lawtrades?

Every legal department has its distinct needs, yet the inherent risks of committing to a full-time hire remain constant. With Lawtrades, you have the option to "test drive" a working relationship through a short-term, contract-to-permanent engagement before making a long term hiring decision.

Elite Talent Pool

Access a curated network of legal professionals, each rigorously vetted for excellence.

Flexibility & Scalability

Adjust your team's size and composition as your business needs change, with the option to hire full-time when the time is right.

Reduced Hiring Risks

Evaluate candidates in real-work scenarios before extending a full-time offer, reducing the risks associated with new hires.


With our contract-to-permanent model, you save on hiring costs and benefit from competitive contractor rates before transitioning to a full-time salary.

Full Support

We offer support from the initial matching process to the transition to full-time employment, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your hires.

Get Started Today

Discover the power of flexibility combined with commitment. With Lawtrades, you can dynamically scale your team, confident in the knowledge that you have the option to bring outstanding contractors on board as full-time employees when they prove to be the perfect fit.

Embrace a new approach to building your legal team. With Lawtrades, the future of work is here.

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