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Daniel, H.

Simple and trustworthy system. The project manager through text message is a good idea and helps a lot with the process, especially their timely response.

Rafael, R.

I was very comfortable with the environment it was my first meeting and I knew it was on the right track I did understand my lawyer I was listening I did absorb the information given to me. COMUNICATION ON POINT.

Cameron, L.

Quick. Convenient. Efficient. Best rate as well.
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Our personalized model means you get one-on-one attention from your very own legal team to solve any business hurdles you’re facing. It’s all the expertise of working with a law firm but without any of those needless high costs. 
The legal world can be a strange, scary place for a startup. As if you didn’t have enough problems just trying to secure funding and make a profit, the legal obstacles alone can literally bury you. LawTrades knows startups and can help you handle the paperwork from inception all the way to a liquidity event.
Is your in-house legal under-staffed and over-stressed? Our team of industry domain experts align with GC’s to deliver meaningful and sustainable improvement into their legal operations, while restoring five and six figures to their bottom line.
You don’t have to be a big business to have big issues. Small businesses are up against tough scrutiny whether you’ve got 10 or 100 employees. And that’ll only increase as you grow. LawTrades knows you have a bottom line and no money to burn, which is why we don’t lock you into a retainer that’ll bleed you dry.
Keep your investments close and your securities lawyers closer. With LawTrades by your side, you’ll navigate the often-complex world of regulatory, compliance, and documentation challenges with the swagger of a seasoned attorney.
New kinds of currency have new kinds of legal challenges. Most of the legal world hasn’t kept up with the cryptocurrency and ICO trends, but we have.