A Frightening Lawsuit

A Frightening Lawsuit

Halloween is a bit early this year. Well, at least for the lawyers. In late September, Halloween Town, Inc., “the premier purveyor of a vast array of Halloween and horror-related merchandise, costumes, decorations, clothing, novelties and special effects accessories,” put on their legal costume and took their dispute to court.

According to the complaint, Glendale Halloween (another Halloween merchandise store) moved two miles away from Halloween Town, copied a photo from in the inside of the Halloween Town Store, and claimed to be “Halloween Town.”

A clone attempting to take over? Sounds like the plot of a horror movie.

This but with skeletons and candy

One of the main allegations here center around a green ghost prop. Apparently, it’s unique to the store and commonly associated with Halloween Town. And as you can tell below, it makes an appearance in a picture on the Glendale website.

A frightening case for sure. Will it resolve before Halloween? Or will it end up haunting the parties until next year?

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