A Whopper of a Lawsuit

Are you following this Whopper of a lawsuit?

Food is on the menu for class action attorneys (see e.g. Crunchwrap Supreme class action). In this case, Burger King has been accused of falsely advertising the size of and amount of ingredients in its menu items. Allegedly, BK pitches its burgers as being 35% bigger that they really are and are containing double the meat than they really do. This isn't necessarily a new allegation, as BK was ordered to stop advertising “overstated burgers” in the UK twelve years ago.

Source: Coleman v. Burger King

The plaintiffs apparently aren't the only customers who are not thrilled with the lack of meat. Numerous social media posts and tweets showing disappointment over their order at Burger King were attached to the complaint, with at least one saying they would have at at Wendy's (a competitor) instead.

Source: Coleman v. Burger King

So what's happening? 

Well, BK moved to dismiss the case. That didn't work, and now we are barreling towards discovery. Following the order on the motion to dismiss, BK spokesman explained that "the flame-grilled beef patties portrayed in [their] advertising are the same patties used in the millions of Whopper sandwiches [they] serve to guests nationwide." We will be watching this one to see if the plaintiffs get flame broiled or if BK has to eat their lunch.

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