How Kaylee Anselmi from Cision uses Lawtrades to access world-class talent

Kaylee Anselmi’s path within the legal profession hasn’t been a traditional one. After spending 15 years working in the legal department for healthcare companies, she became fascinated by “the innovative dynamics of the tech industry”, Anselmi tells Lawtrades. Seeing an opportunity at the legal department of Cision, a communications platform company, she decided to switch into the tech sector where she could leverage her skills to “directly influence business operations and strategies.”

Today, Cision’s software is used in 24 countries and by over 100,000 professionals across the global media landscape. Cision has grown to become a market-leader within a fast-paced industry, and its legal department which Anselmi runs faces unique challenges as a result.

To help with these challenges and the increased caseloads, Anselmi has integrated Lawtrades into Cision’s legal workflow. In a recent case, Cision used Lawtrades to bring on commercial counsel for 4 months, during which time Anselmi and the rest could assess how well the attorney fit into the team. It was a match as the attorney has brought on as permanent staff—a seamless hiring and on-boarding process for Cision.

Here is a look into how Cision utilizes Lawtrades for its specific needs, and the benefits Lawtrades brings to the firm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lawtrades provides immediate access to vetted legal professionals who integrate seamlessly into existing operations
  • Overseeing and managing legal professionals' time is easy with the Lawtrades platform
  • Lawtrades is an efficient solution to handle variable legal needs both domestically and in foreign markets

Parts of this interview have been edited for clarity.

What are some of the biggest challenges Cision Legal is working on solving for its clients?

A significant challenge is managing the balance between business as usual legal requests, such as navigating ever-changing data privacy laws, corporate governance management, and litigation, with supporting the commercial team and the company’s revenue. This requires constant adaptation and alignment with both legal standards and business objectives.

How did you first hear of Lawtrades? And what made it stand out for you as an ALSP?

Our Chief Legal Officer introduced me to Lawtrades during a high-volume period. Their ability to provide immediate access to vetted legal professionals who can seamlessly integrate into our existing operations made them stand out.

What use cases did you find Lawtrades useful for?

We found Lawtrades extremely useful for:

  • Managing overflow legal work during peak periods.
  • Offering specialized legal support on a flexible, project basis.
  • Providing temporary coverage for positions requiring specific expertise, such as language skills for parental leave.

Has working with Lawtrades brought any new skills or operational workflows to your department?

Definitely. Lawtrades has helped us adopt more agile workforce management practices, increased development of our standard operating procedures and playbooks, and allowed us to quickly adjust our team size based on current needs.

Have you ever used Lawtrades to help with permanent hiring needs?

Yes. A few months ago we hired someone via Lawtrades as commercial counsel. It was on a temporary basis for about 4 months in the beginning to support our commercial workflows. Once we had the open headcount for the position, we were able to convert this lawyer onto our team seamlessly. I prefer this approach, because it allowed us to try out her services and see how she worked with the team first for a few months before we brought her on staff.

Would you recommend Lawtrades to other Legal Operations professionals?

Absolutely, I would recommend Lawtrades to other professionals in Legal Operations. Their platform offers a practical solution to efficiently handle variable legal demands and has proven to be a valuable asset for our team's flexibility and responsiveness. The platform makes managing and overseeing candidates’ time and fees incredibly easy.

Whether a growing start-up, established legal firm, or multinational corporation, Lawtrades provides world-class legal talent via an easy-to-use platform that makes hiring and managing a breeze.

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