New in Lawtrades: Effortless Invoicing and Payments

Welcome To Our Invoices Tab

We're excited to announce our new invoices tab that makes it easier to track your account's finances. Now, you can quickly see the balance due, helping you with budgeting and ensuring timely payments.

New Features

  1. Search by Date: Now, you can easily search for invoices within a specific timeframe by specifying the start and end dates. This allows for more efficient tracking of past invoices and simplifies the process of finding the information you need.
  2. Invoice Number Search: In addition to date-based searches, you can quickly locate a specific invoice by directly entering its number into the search bar. This feature saves you time and enables a faster retrieval of specific invoice details.
  3. Filter for Quick Navigation: To streamline your invoice browsing, we have added a handy black filter toggle button on the right-hand side. This enables you to filter through your invoices based on various criteria, ensuring a more focused and customized view of your invoice history.
  4. Easy CSV File Download: To help you maintain organized records, you can now effortlessly download your invoices as CSV files. This feature simplifies archiving and allows for easy integration with your existing record-keeping systems.

These new features are designed to optimize your invoicing experience, providing enhanced search capabilities, efficient filtering, and convenient file downloads.

With features like date-based and invoice number search, convenient filtering, and easy CSV file downloads, staying on top of your invoices has never been easier.

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