😇 How Law Firms use Lawtrades

Once the first port of call for all new lawyers, BigLaw has been failing to attract and retain top talent. A recent study from Reuters surveyed the scope, and revealed that more than 270 associates have left the most profitable firms in New York. It’s not surprising that these trends have transformed just as the U.S. workplace and economy has in 2021-with the bulk of associates leaving for tech related positions. These departures are not stopping as firms are returning in-person. And, the firms that fail to keep up are losing out on the multitude of benefits such as; lower overhead costs, maximized productivity, and an increase in satisfaction across the board.

The biggest hindrance to BigLaw is the institutional bloat that comes alongside traditional hiring practices. Across all industries, hiring practices have evolved and salaries have changed. Right now, freelancers hold a massive portion of the market and comprise an uncharted territory of talent where outputs are directly tied to client success. This new work model holds efficiency & success central to all operations So, it’s not hard to see why BigLaw is craving a better work model.

Why Lawtrades:

Lawtrades provides BigLaw caliber talent suited for projects & engagements that can meet the needs of any firm. Our talent focuses on the outputs you need, so that you can stay concentrated on achieving your wider objectives. We provide cost-efficient solutions alongside a flexible hiring model that’s all done in the cloud. Our data-driven automations are integrated from interview to invoice - providing you the freedom to focus on the strategic goals of your business. We provide upfront rates, and a flexible pay-as-you go model, allowing you to seamlessly integrate talent during the times you need it most. The best part? We provide the analytics so you can easily track spend & access real-time work updates.

Practice Areas:

Our wide network of talent suits the needs of law firms by providing solutions for commercial contracts, legal support, labor & employment, data privacy & cybersecurity,  finance, as well as any overflow needs. Even better, we are constantly adding to our talent network in order to serve an even wider array of clients.

“There are projects that have been on my backburner for weeks (let’s be honest, months) that our Lawtrades attorney cleaned up and completed day ONE! Love it!”

-A Happy Lawtrades’ Client

Want to give it a go, but not sure about the commitment? At Lawtrades, we start every engagement with a 2-week trial period so you have time to ensure the talent is the right fit. If you’re satisfied with the results, we'll continue the engagement and bill you for the time. If you’re not satisfied, you won’t be billed and we’ll make sure to provide you with another talent who may be a better fit, and begin another, no-risk trial.

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