🎉 The Lawtrades 2020 Roundup


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Industry Insights

Lawtrades benefitted more lawyers and companies than ever

It was impressive.

449 legal professionals joined Lawtrades.

118 Lawtraders worked a total of 20,500 hours and logged over 8,000 work updates through the Lawtrades platform. That was almost triple the amount of Lawtraders on the platform as in 2019 and almost double the amount of hours worked.  

The number of engagements increased 270% from last year.

Payouts were up, too

Since 2017, Lawtraders have earned almost $6.5 million on the platform and made over 1,000 connections to companies in 2020 to find work they love doing.

GC’s used Lawtrades for all kinds of situations

The 71 legal departments who used Lawtrades represented 30 industries.

The industries ranged from the internet to consumer goods to apparel & fashion. These were the fastest growing ones:

The type of legal services provided by Lawtrades were almost as wide-ranging. Companies received legal help in 18 practice areas.

Lawtraders are a diverse group

Lawtrades knows the value of an inclusive workplace, and our platform reflects it.

In 2020, 37% of Lawtraders identified as a racial or ethnic minority and 52% of Lawtraders were women.

Lawtraders were all over the country

Lawtrades attorneys worked from more than 40 states this year, including Alaska and Hawaii. But they were most prominent in states with the highest concentration of thriving companies, like New York and California.

These were the top five locations they worked from:

And they spanned different roles, too.

Finally, our community grew

Over 1,000 GC’s became members of the FORWARD GC.

They read 35,055 words from our newsletter and listened to 9,388 minutes on our podcast.

Thank you, again

Whether you used Lawtrades to pay off your student loans, or scale your legal operations, or just followed along, we couldn’t have made it through 2020 without you. We’re excited for an even better 2021!

Raad Ahmed

Founder/CEO, Lawtrades