🎉Lawtrades September Round-Up

Q4 is here (and so is the fall season 🍂). We wanted to keep you up to date about what’s happening at Lawtrades, from a rundown of a great event about legal ops to highlighting the performance of one of our attorneys who has helped companies navigate return to office plans!

📅 September was a month of growth

Lawtraders logged 5,902 hours in September and 43 new talented users joined us. That means our network now includes over 1,100 top legal professionals.

The top 3 practice areas were:

  1. Contract management implementation
  2. Corporate compliance
  3. Commercial compliance

We held an interactive event: It was about how legal departments can use legal ops to boost efficiencies, featuring Deanna DeFrancesco (COO Legal, WeWork), Reeta Sharma (Legal Ops Lead, Notion), and Guilherme Tocci Salcedo (Global Legal Ops, Gympass). They shared everything you need to know about legal ops & provided key advice such as how to get buy-in from the C-Suite, and how to implement solutions that work. (One of our favorite takeaways: consider the legal ops person as a direct part of the leadership team). You can check out the replay and notes featuring those tips and everything else they said here.

We also spent 24 hours in San Francisco, participating in the Deputy Tech GC National Summit, and had a great time!

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We have a good one for you this month! Over 80% of GCs believe it’s important to have a seat at the C-Suite table. But not everyone succeeds. So how can you position yourself as a valuable member of the executive team?

Join our next panel discussion where Lisa Lang (GC, Kentucky State University) will moderate a conversation with Adam VanWagner (GC, MoneyLion), Brooke Smarsh (GC, Flow), and Lydia Cheuk (GC, Away) as they share their experiences of successfully integrating into the C-Suite and the issues they faced along the way.

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👏Check out our talent

Meet Shaz.

Shaz is an attorney with over a decade of experience. Since joining Lawtrades, she has logged almost 250 hours helping companies like SafeGraph and HealthEC identify and implement solutions that take work off the legal team’s plate. Shaz has especially enjoyed taking on the role of “wingman” to GCs by providing clarity throughout the pandemic and helping navigating return to office plans.

You can read her full story here.

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