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Internal recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers... It's time to incorporate Freelance Talent Networks into your hiring toolkit. Departments' budgets are squeezed and COVID-19 continues to delay a full return to the office. These constraints require creative solutions. Independent, remote professionals are entering the job market in record numbers, and Freelance Talent Networks are sourcing the very best of them.

With the help of technology, what looked like a depression has become a new frontier of professional opportunity for remote workers in tech, legal, sales, marketing, and many other areas.

Let’s be honest. You're missing a wealth of pre-vetted candidates because you're still recruiting like it's 1985. Experienced, agile professionals aren't going to jump through the endless job application hoops that waste not only their time but tack on administrative costs to your organization's bottom line.

Work smarter, not harder

Every hiring decision is met with considerable risks. Freelance Talent Networks aim to significantly reduce if not eliminate the risks associated with hiring.

  • Candidates are pre-screened
  • Time to hire is reduced by ~75%
  • Reduction in administrative load
  • Temp to perm is always on the table

What to look for in a Freelance Talent Network

It may seem overwhelming when transitioning to using a Freelance Talent Network. Here are a few things to watch out for and some questions you should ask.

Specialization & Experience

It’s important to find a Freelance Talent Network partner that thoroughly understands your industry and curates a network of candidates that are able to meet its demands.


You want talent that can fit seamlessly into your existing team. Your Freelance Talent Network should evaluate and know their talent members so that they can help you to find your perfect fit quickly.

A Share of the Risk

Not every hire is going to be the right fit 100% of the time. Look for a partner that understands the risks and works with you to mitigate them. You should find these in the terms of your agreement, and they take many forms including free trials, insurance policies, and replacement searches.

What makes a trustworthy freelancer?

Okay, so you understand the benefits of freelance talent, and what to look for in a talent network. But how do you know if they’re going to be a worthy addition to your team?

Here’s some key metrics to look out for-

5+ years of experience in their field

You don’t want to spend considerable time training and onboarding talent. They should be able to seamlessly integrate into your team, and have the experience to do so.

Experience in startups and SMBs

Those that work for startups and SMBs tend to be adaptable, reliable, and resourceful.


More often than not, freelance work operates remotely. You need someone on your team who takes initiative- so there’s no need to closely monitor their work.  

Presentation, communication, responsiveness

It’s important to have talent that are available when you need them and can complete tasks accurately when you need them done.  

There are many reasons that people want to freelance. Maybe they want to be more present with family or work on a passion project. Whatever their reason, you do not want to miss out on these exceptional professionals who can help you grow your headcount efficiently!  

Still not on Board?

Here’s the most common objection we hear.

"My incentives don't line up with making these types of hires”.

Change the incentives. Share this article with decision-makers who need to be influenced to update incentives, and give freelance talent a go. When another internal team contracts a freelancer, document the hiring process and team feedback to provide strong use cases to present to your department heads.

Often called contractors, flexible talent, freelancers, and temps- knowledge workers are the present and future of scalable businesses. Don't miss an opportunity to upgrade your department and help your business grow!

At Lawtrades, we’re happy to help you make this transition. We have a vetted network of qualified legal talent, as well as the resources to seamlessly integrate them into your team.

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