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“Lawtrades has given me the opportunity to work with multiple companies, each of whom have their own unique challenges.”


Meet Eric! Eric is one of our legal ops superstars at Lawtrades. Originally from northcentral Wisconsin, Eric grew up with a curious mind that led him to a path in law. He attended Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating, he moved into the legal operations space, where he helped figure out how companies could optimize their time & resources. Actually, Eric is a veteran of the legal operations field- and has been working in it for over 9 years!

Path to Lawtrades

Lawtrades connected with Eric as he was a strong fit for numerous legal operations positions our clients had open. His experience at Lawtrades has been different, for he is able to expand his breadth of experience by working with a broad range of companies at one time- instead of limiting himself to one. In this way, Eric enjoys the unique challenges that come from working with a vast array of companies.

Success with Lawtrades

Eric has built a formidable resume with Lawtrades and holds a place as one of our top talents! When asked of his biggest accomplishment he had with Lawtrades, he said, “I'm most proud of re-structuring the legal services group at Envoy Global to better align with the company's shift towards an enterprise client base. It required a blend of people, operations, strategic, and technology management and helped usher the company into a new phase of growth”.

Flexible Working Hours

Most importantly, Eric has enjoyed the freedom Lawtrades has brought him. When he’s not working, Eric enjoys golfing, playing the guitar, downhill skiing, and reading. What’s more, he’s currently on a mission to perfect the homemade smash burger! Eric is able to perfect his work flow, since Lawtrades provides an environment that promotes a healthy work-life balance and allows him to choose his own flexible working hours.

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