💡 Spotlight on Talent: A Unique Set of Operations

Rick Segers, Investment Operations, Lawtrades


Meet Rick! Born in New York, but raised in Richmond, VA, he boasts a unique path of entry into the legal space. Rick attended Old Dominion University where he studied Economics and Supply Chain Management while playing Division I College Football. Shortly after graduation, Rick started working part-time as an intern for a local fintech company where he was introduced to the intersection of finance and technology. While he considered it a “tying my resumé to a balloon and letting it fly” moment, Rick has been fortunate to build a solid foundation in his career since and has worked in multiple remote and non-remote positions across operations, compliance, and sales.

Path to Lawtrades

Rick connected with Lawtrades after our co-founder, Ashish, reached out to him about a full-time opportunity that matched his expertise with a client in an emerging venture capital startup. The timing could not have been more perfect, as he was just transitioning out of a job after getting laid off due to Covid-related financial reasons. Rick was hired on for a six-month engagement, which as it turns out, has been quite fitting— as he just celebrated his one-year milestone with Lawtrades, and is still working on a full-time basis with the same company.

Success with Lawtrades

With Lawtrades, Rick has been able to match both his career and financial goals, while working in a space that invigorates him. Prior to his current engagement, he had limited experience in the legal field and in the venture capital industry. His engagement has exposed him to new types of work that have challenged him but given him irreplaceable knowledge and experience.

“I do not typically consider myself a freelancer, but after this experience, I will always place a significant premium on flexible, remote work when considering my employment situation. I also take solace in knowing that, should my current engagement cease, the team at LT will work with me to find another opportunity to keep me working.”

Flexible Working Hours

Rick is lucky enough to live in a city where he can enjoy live music acts on a weekly basis. Since he can work on his own time, he is able to do things like take his parents out to eat during off-peak hours (his favorite!), work on home improvement projects, and get his golf game course ready 🏌️‍♂️. Not to mention, he has been reaping the benefits of WFH by cheffing it up and cooking nearly every meal. We couldn’t help but share his little affirmation:

“Life tip: if you ever catch yourself asking whether something will ‘crisp up nicely in the air fryer’, you can assume the answer is yes.”

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