🇪🇸 Spotlight on Talent: International Engagements

Alberto Hernández, Commercial Counsel, Lawtrades


Meet Alberto! He’s representing Lawtrades’ international talent network out of Badajoz, Spain! His city borders Portugal, and the local language has been coined a mixture of both-“Portunish”. When growing up, he loved the series L.A. Law so much that when he attended college at the University of Extremadura, he choose to study law. Although Alberto’s first steps were focused on management in private companies, he soon found his place as an in-house lawyer and HR manager. When he made the leap to freelance law, he specialized in labor and corporate law. More recently, he’s turned his attention toward tech law, and is passionate about blockchain projects.

Path to Lawtrades

One day, our co-founder, Ashish connected with Alberto on LinkedIn after thinking he was a perfect fit to collaborate with one of our clients. He was curious, and gave it a shot. After many years working for others as an in-house lawyer, he realized he wanted to work for himself on his own terms, and with clients he really wanted to work with. He understood that he could do better than most of the external lawyers he had previously worked with. For Alberto, it was a natural evolution.

Success with Lawtrades

With Lawtrades, Alberto has broadened his scope of experience by working alongside companies from a variety of countries and industries. He finds it enriching as he’s able to learn about different cultures while practicing law.

“I take great pride in the fact that clients want to continue working with me after the first project and recommend me to their contacts. I have also had the opportunity to be involved in projects since their inception, and seeing them become a success is rewarding for me.”

Flexible Working Hours

Lawtrades has given Alberto the freedom to prioritize his family over the very time-consuming, and uninteresting work that comes alongside a traditional career. With his extra time, he enjoys surrounding himself with both family and friends, and loves going mountain biking 🚵‍♂️ .

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