💥 Taking Flexible Legal Work to the Next Level

The past couple of years have been a wild ride, and it’s been amazing to see the world reimagine the way we work and live. Some of us moved out of cities, some moved across the country, some of us jumped out of planes (or was that just me?) and many of us took a closer look at our current job situations.

From the Great Resignation to the Great Reshuffling to today, it seems like we’ve finally settled into a new understanding of what work can – and should – look like moving forward.

This reckoning has been no different for the legal industry. As law firms struggle with staffing shortages, and the majority of lawyers under 40 are looking for new opportunities, we’ve seen a windfall of interest in a new, better way to be lawyer.

Our community now includes over 2,000 highly-skilled legal pros who have logged nearly 150,000 hours and earned $16+ million in wages. As they continue to prove themselves and the power of this model, our client roster has jumped to more than 100 companies – including Epic Games, Airbnb, Pinterest, etc. I’m also so proud to say that in August, we hit a monthly revenue record of $1 million – and it could not have been done without this dream, between all of us, to imagine something better for the legal industry.

To further build on our mission to make work as convenient and transparent as possible for Lawtraders and clients alike, we’re super excited to announce the launchof a new Lawtrades mobile app that simplifies our experience even more.

For Lawtraders, the app makes it simpler than ever to find the next gig and crush it – whether it’s exploring job opportunities on the way to the gym, setting project hours during morning coffee, or submitting invoices on the way to the airport. And for clients, managing projects and collabs with Lawtraders just got even easier.

Just like our platform overall, the app works around your life, rather than work dictating it.

It’s on Google Play and in the App Store now, so check it out.

Also, keep an eye out for an article about us in Fast Company (once they’re no longer under siege by hackers) and take a look at our new and refreshed website. Lots of good stuff happening.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Raad, CEO