🧑‍💻Spotlight on Talent: Leading your own Virtual Law Firm


Meet Jordan! He runs his own virtual practice on Lawtrades as Transactional, Product, and Corporate Counsel to several notable high-growth companies. He has extensive experience and a unique perspective from his time as a General Counsel for a high-growth Silicon Valley startup in addition to practicing at a large law firm in New York earlier in his career.  Jordan graduated from Columbia Law and started his career primarily counseling large FinTech companies on transactional and regulatory matters, prior to serving as General Counsel at Meta, where he built the legal department at the rapidly growing startup that developed pioneering augmented reality technology, and spearheaded partnerships with some of the largest tech companies while helping the company scale 10x and raise $100M prior to a sale in 2018.

Path to Lawtrades:

Exposure as an in-house counsel made him aware of the issues many smaller companies face, such as limited budgets and overwhelming workload. As a GC, he saw how working with large law firms often yielded sub-par results at top-tier rates, and hiring enough internal counsel was often not possible with startup budgets. Recognizing this gap in the market for counsel who can assist emerging companies with a variety of day-to-day legal matters, but at a fractional cost of a new employee and significantly lower billing rates than Big Law, where even junior associates these days are billed to clients at upwards of $600 per hour. He realized that if you could offer the benefits of an experienced counsel, but operate fully remote and independent - this meant cost savings and maximum flexibility to better assist clients' ongoing needs! Of course, freelancing as a lawyer would also let him practice in the areas he wanted so he could take advantage of the full breadth of his experience and talents. It’s not surprising that he found Lawtrades 😊.

Success with Lawtrades:

After deciding to start his own virtual practice, Jordan has worked on engagements with several notable high-growth companies in NY, SF, LA, and Seattle. By working primarily with startups, he has been able to broaden the scope of his practice by diversifying the businesses and product categories among his clientele. After finding success in some early part-time engagements, Jordan knew he was ready to take his practice full-time.

Since joining Lawtrades, he has surpassed 3000 hours helping companies like Headspace, Giphy, Allbirds, Ember, and Udemy.

Flexible Working Hours:

When Jordan was just getting started on Lawtrades, he wasn’t ready to hop into another full-time position. He wanted to maintain a certain level of income, while figuring out where he wanted to take his career-and Lawtrades provided him the opportunity to do so. By working remotely, Jordan was able to relocate his practice to further reduce costs and better fit his lifestyle goals, especially during the disruptions of the pandemic! He liked the flexibility he could maintain through deciding the schedule he wanted to work, and most importantly the level of compensation - without the artificial restrictions of a Big Law practice or the heightened 24/7 responsibilities as General Counsel at a startup.