👨‍💼Spotlight on Talent: Healthy Work-Life Balance


Meet Tim!

Tim grew up in Long Island- but didn’t stay there long. He attended university at Colgate, then law school at William and Mary (just like Thomas Jefferson 🤯 ). After graduating, Tim moved to Columbia, SC, and met his wife while clerking on the 4th circuit. Later on, he relocated to NYC- where he practiced labor and employment law at Holland & Knight. He was across the street when the second plane hit during 9/11, and found himself stressed going to work in the months thereafter. Just before the 5th anniversary of the attacks, and right after his daughter was born, Tim realized he no longer wanted the life of a Wall Street firm partner. This took him to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Four years later, another job change brought him to Nashville, TN- where he’s currently based.

Path to Lawtrades

The company Tim relocated to Nashville for ended up going bankrupt in 2016. Tim wanted to stay in the area, but couldn’t find a company that valued its legal talent, nor one that wouldn’t require him to travel extensively. He started working on projects for a local, independent law company- but found that he wasn’t completely satisfied. While working as the GC of a national recruiting company, he was introduced to freelancing. He was recruited by our co-founders Ashish and Raad earlier this year, and started his first engagement shortly after.

Success with Lawtrades

At Lawtrades, Tim is able to work on projects he enjoys with companies he admires. He can be a part of a leadership team- without having to relocate yet again. His biggest accomplishment with Lawtrades so far? At his most recent engagement, he overhauled the domestic and international sales contract platforms, while achieving stellar third quarter closed sales contracts- putting the company in a much better position leading up to its IPO!

Flexible Working Hours

Tim operates fully remote with Lawtrades, which not only greatly expands the scope of projects he can work on, it also helps maintain a work-life balance. He can be there for the day-to-day of family life, like greeting his son when he comes home from college, or getting involved in his kids' activities- like Scouts, swim teams, and marching band. He has the time to be an avid NY sports fan, geek out on Star Wars, Star Trek, or Harry Potter- and stay active in his church’s ministry programs. Overall, Lawtrades has given him the flexibility to take time off when necessary, while also providing well for the needs of his family.