🤓 Lawtrades' Spotlight: Part-Time Attorney

“By being able to work part time, I have been able to continue being an attorney, which I really do enjoy, as well as pursue a new career as a mental health counselor. Not having to give up being an attorney, while I build onto my career, gives me the balance that I enjoy”.


Meet Heather! Heather is a seasoned attorney based in Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BA in psychology and speech communication. While working for a trade association in D.C.-Heather's boss introduced her to the legal field by including her in litigation monitoring. She went on to attend law school at Pepperdine University to be a mass tort attorney. Eventually, Heather went on to work in corporate law after finding an in-house opportunity with a company in Austin.

Path to Lawtrades

In 2020, Heather found herself in the midst of a career shift. She decided to leave her job to pursue a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. That’s when she found Lawtrades. Heather wanted to continue doing legal work while attending school, and Lawtrades provided her the opportunity to work with companies that needed part-time legal work that could fit within her school schedule.

Success with Lawtrades

Heather enjoys the stability that Lawtrades’ provided her, as the company she began working with has retained her services for the long-haul- even as they have built their full-time legal team.

Flexible Working Hours

Heather enjoys the balance that she has found with Lawtrades, since she is able to pursue a career as a mental health counselor without having to give up being an attorney. On top of this, Heather is able to pursue her two most important passions outside of work- spending time with family, and helping people.

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