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Meet Kelly 🤩🥳😋:

Corporate paralegal @ Lawtrades, self-entrepreneur, & family-driven

“This experience has been different… It [this] gives me insight into seeing how the company works as a whole, instead of only one small part of it.”

Kelly is a newbie Lawtrader out of Las Vegas! Kelly started out at the Westchester Business Institute, and made her way working as an administrative assistant in the legal department at a small finance company. Quickly taking an interest in law, Kelly moved her way into corporate paralegal work. In between jobs and in search of new opportunities, Kelly connected with Lawtrades via LinkedIn. Actually, Kelly had her first freelance position with Lawtrades! Since this start, she has been eager to continue with the Lawtrades’ team, as she valued the freedom and flexibility it brought her.

Lawtrades provided a space for Kelly to expand both her network and experience, since she can see the varying ways companies interact with projects. Likewise, Lawtrades gives Kelly the power to work amongst various departments so she can experience the whole of the company rather than completing individual, and often distanced work. Overall, Kelly feels that Lawtrades offered her the perfect opportunity to diversify and expand her career, since she has been able to (virtually) engage with many new faces. Additionally, a special mention goes out to Kelly’s family, for they are the force that encourages her to continue in her journey!  

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