How Legal Teams Use Slack to Streamline Their Workflow

Laura Frederick: How do you manage workflow with your stakeholders at Flock Safety?

Mike Molina: My stakeholders are the sales and marketing team, the people that are out on the streets selling the product and engaging with the community.

Since this is doing more with less, let me tell you how it was when we were at the hundred people mark and considerably low tech.

We started off as a small legal team just trying to make do and one of the secrets that we found was Slack has a workflow build out tool that is ingrained into their system. From that we were able to create a channel, add all the salespeople and they would receive a pop up dialogue box.

Then they would be able to click a button where 5 choices would come up:

  1. Link me to the sales force
  2. Link to the contract
  3. What is the contract value
  4. When do you need this by
  5. What do we need to know

We found this to be incredibly successful, incredibly free, very low tech in a way that the sales team was able to do more with less.