How Recharge built up their legal team with Lawtrades

Ever since Brandon Une started using Lawtrades at Recharge, his work life has been simplified. As director of legal for Recharge, he has used Lawtrades for important legal work while maintaining a level of flexibility ideal for a versatile startup.  

“Invaluable,” he said, “is the word we’re using.”

Lawtrades provided immediate help

Recharge is the leading subscription payments solution, helping ecommerce merchants of all sizes launch and scale subscription offerings. In May 2021, Recharge closed their Series B round of funding, raising $277 million in growth capital from Summit Partners, ICONIQ Growth, and Bain Capital Ventures to bring the company to a $2.1 billion valuation.

Brandon, a Harvard Law graduate who previously worked at law firms and other in-house roles and is a former CPA, started at the company in March as the first legal hire. (The legal team has since expanded.)  

“Lawtrades really helped me to plug in, especially when I was by myself,” he said. “When I needed commercial contract review, both inbound and outbound, they were there for me in whatever capacity that I needed in that area.”

Lawtrades stood out over other services for its flexibility

Brandon has mostly used Lawtrades professionals to work on commercial contracts and contract management, but Recharge’s legal team’s workflow varies from week to week. So Brandon wanted a service that fit the varied pace.

“One of the things I really appreciate about Lawtrades is its flexible model,” he said. “I had interviewed a couple of other providers...but it's a very different business model where you have to commit to a certain number of hours. For me, things just ebb and flow. And I didn't want to run the clock out or just run the meter on things I wasn’t using.”  

Why Brandon recommends Lawtrades

In addition to flexibility, Lawtrades has allowed Brandon and the Recharge legal team to focus on the big picture instead of running through every first draft of a commercial contract.

“If you're a legal team of one, or even two, and you still need to plug holes in places,” Brandon said, “Lawtrades is a really fantastic solution.”  

More about Lawtrades

Often, in-house teams may not need the apparatus of a law firm to tackle a specific business need as the best legal talent no longer work exclusively for law firms. At Lawtrades, experienced commercial lawyers join our platform to work on engagements that match their experience and interests. If you’re ready to augment your legal department with a tech-enabled workforce and smart workspace, create a position to get started.

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