How Udemy supercharged its commercial contract work with Lawtrades

Akaash Gupta leads the commercial contracting function within the Udemy legal team. He has used Lawtrades since last year, saving time and money, and helping Udemy expand.

Scaling up with help from Lawtrades

Udemy offers thousands of online courses for individuals and companies.

As Udemy scales, its contracts with business customers have grown and grown. The faster the legal department can get through the contracts, the more business Udemy can do.

This is where Lawtrades stepped in, taking some of the load off Udemy’s legal department.

“The deals on customer templates are complex and long. They will set an attorney back. If an attorney is working on one it will take them like a whole day if not multiple days. That is time we could be spending on other deals and keeping those moving forward. That's been the biggest value add.”

How Lawtrades has made a difference

With Lawtrades’ attorneys pitching in, Udemy lawyers have been able to spend more time focusing on the most important contracts and moving forward to the next deal.

Akaash notes that the sales department has been plenty happy with the legal team’s efficiency.

“We’ve been able to keep focus and keep moving,” he said.

Why Akaash recommends Lawtrades

Akaash has continually been impressed with the experience levels and commercial acumen of Lawtrades’ lawyers.

“They are very commercially minded, can work independently, and have been in the same positions,” he said. “The people working on our account are people who have worked at similar tech companies at similar stages.”

More about Lawtrades

Often, in-house teams may not need the apparatus of a law firm to tackle a specific business need as the best legal talent no longer work exclusively for law firms. At Lawtrades, experienced commercial lawyers join our platform to work on engagements that match their experience and interests. If you’re ready to augment your legal department with a tech-enabled workforce and smart workspace, create a position to get started.