3 Ways Legal can Improve Efficiencies With Sales

Implement Conditional Workflows

In our recent commercial contracting event, we asked Alex Su (Head of Community Development at Ironclad) how legal can stop being seen as the department of ‘no”. With 5 years of experience working in SAAS sales, he discovered that simplifying the legal process for salespeople was key to improving efficiency and implementing conditional workflows played a huge role in that. They allowed salespeople to receive a response based on the information they entered in the system, bypassing the need for shooting emails or slacking the legal team.

Self-Serve is Key

By providing salespeople with tools and language that they can share with customers, organizations can empower their sales teams to better understand the language of the legal department. Taylor Dimler (Sr Commercial Counsel at Twist Bioscience) and his team created a playbook that provided paragraphs to share directly with customers on why their template was preferred. Empowering sales teams in this way can also help with the adoption and commitment to using any legal tech going forward - as the sales teams understand the work behind contracting and don’t just feel blocked by legal. By highlighting how a CLM or the use of AI can improve efficiency and allow for quicker negotiations, Taylor saw a significant uptick in adoption by his sales team.

Education, education, education! 

Aprajita Tyagi (Commercial Counsel at Elastic) gets that  the sales teams are under an insane amount of pressure right now. That’s why she and her team created robust Wikis and FAQs to support the sales team in answering common questions from customers. This not only reduces the amount of emails in her inbox, but also gives the sales team the empowerment that they need to get deals done. She also initiated internal prep calls before negotiation to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

And Lawtrades?

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