Introducing: Teams

The more the merrier! Today we’re announcing a new feature called Teams! Now you can easily invite your coworkers to your company dashboard to help each other hire, share favorite freelancers, and consolidate billing and payments.

How to invite someone from your dashboard

We made it super convenient and straightforward to invite teammates — simply log into your dashboard and locate the “Invite teammates” button on the bottom left-hand corner. From here, you can add your teammates’ email, role, and assigned positions/engagements (both optional).

Get a second opinion on candidates

Found a great candidate but want to get the thumbs up from someone else on your team?

After receiving applications, you can easily share prospective candidates with someone else by inviting them to your dashboard. Your invited teammate can then view profiles, send interview requests, and hire.

Or, simply add teammates when creating a position and the invitees will receive emails from candidates that apply!

Streamline invoice approvals

Sometimes the AP team can be out of the loop when you need an invoice paid.  Now you can assign the Billing Manager role to your AP team so they get access to your company dashboard, including the Invoices tab. Then, when an invoice is issued, your billing manager will receive an e-mail with the invoice along with the admin users to streamline invoice approval and payment.

Weekly work summaries for everyone

Weekly work summaries are a week-by-week email breakdown of your spend by freelancer. If you have multiple teammates working with a freelancer, you can invite them and assign them to specific engagements so they can receive the weekly summary emails, and view worklogs in the dashboard on a day-to-day basis.

Alternatively, anyone that you invite can easily join and leave any open position or engagement after getting invited to your dashboard.

Try out this feature now by creating a position or logging in to your dashboard.

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