🎉Lawtrades August Round-Up


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As we start the new school year (and exhale because fall is finally coming), we wanted to share with you one final drop from the Lawtrades summer and give you the details on what happened here in August!

📅 August was a month of growth

Lawtraders logged 6,292 hours in August (up from 5,500 in July), and 71 new talented users joined us. That means our network now includes over 1,050 top legal professionals.

The top 3 practice areas were:

  1. Contract management implementation
  2. Corporate compliance
  3. Securities

One of our August highlights was an interactive and super educational workshop session about dealing with hypergrowth. Iris Chen (Airbnb) and Milana Homsi McCullagh (Coinbase) shared how they built world-class legal teams under time constraints and gave a few tips for legal professionals in the same situation. (One tip: Hire “good general athletes” capable of filling multiple roles as your business evolves.)

You can check out the replay and notes featuring those tips and everything else they said here.

🆕 The Lawtrades UX got better

Our engineers have been working hard to bring in new product features to improve your experience with Lawtrades. Now, you can create new positions straight from your dashboard…

…and if you’re in our talent network, you can apply to new roles with 1 click.

Stay tuned for even more product updates over the coming months!

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Legal ops is truly one of the buzz phrases of the moment. Legal departments throughout the country are trying to be smarter, more productive and more efficient, and legal ops teams are helping power them into a new era.

And we’ve got something for you that will put this trend into perspective.

​Whether you’re a GC who isn't sure how you could use a legal ops professional on your team, a legal ops specialist looking for tips and tricks on getting ahead or somebody who just wants to hear a few brilliant lawyers share advice, our event will get you up to speed. Join Deanna DeFrancesco (COO Legal, WeWork), Reeta Sharma (Legal Ops Lead, Notion), and Guilherme Tocci Salcedo (Global Legal Ops, Gympass) on September 23rd as they share their experiences!


👏Check out our talent

Meet Eric Frank.

Eric is a legal operations specialist with over 16 years of experience. Since joining Lawtrades, he has logged almost 1,000 hours helping companies like Fivetran and Reonomy identify and implement solutions to legal operations challenges. You can read his full story here.