😌 Spotlight on Talent: Pursuing your Passions


Meet Ashley! He’s from Dallas, TX and has held a varied (and interesting!) path to law. While attending Southern Methodist University in Dallas, he was given the opportunity to transport legal papers from A to B as a “runner” at a local law firm. He loved the environment, and stayed on full time after graduating until eventually deciding to pursue a career in law at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. Since then, his career has taken him to being the general counsel for some of the largest telecom companies in the world.

Path to Lawtrades

After over 15 years of in-house general counsel experience, Ashley realized he wanted to take a break from his traditional career to venture into his passions. And, he had a few goals…the biggest, write his upcoming book- Standing Up To China. He connected with Lawtrades via a mutual friend, and saw it as the perfect opportunity to use his experience to practice law while investing into his personal brand.

“Lawtrades allows me to use my years of experience to still practice law, while also pursuing my passions of becoming an author, blogger, podcaster, and speaker.”

Success with Lawtrades

Lawtrades was Ashley’s first freelancing platform. The projects and objectives he engaged in were clear, which allowed him to focus on his legal expertise- without all the background noise.

“Being on the Lawtrades platform, clients already have a certain level of respect and confidence in you. Lawtrades carefully vets each law professional, so clients have full trust in who they are working with and that is evident.”

Flexible Working Hours

Outside of work, you’ll catch Ashley engaging with one of his many passions: writing, podcasting, speaking at an event, or cooking! Because he’s able to work remotely with Lawtrades, he can to focus on his specialized legal expertise instead of all the issues that have little to do with the actual practice of law. This year, he’s looking forward to publishing his book (to be released on April 5th, 2022!), while further developing his podcast and website.

“Lawtrades has allowed me to follow and elevate my passions and goals. I now have my own podcast, website, and book. This would not have been easily done if it wasn’t for the opportunity given to me by Lawtrades!”

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