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The Legal Basics of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, a new form of online financing, now allows individuals to harness the Internet’s potential while funding their startups.   Indeed, this novel financing method has already been used for many years by authors, individual borrowers, and philanthropists through portals such as Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and GoFundMe. Andrea Doshi, for instance, has fascinated thousands of young […]
Top Startup Accelerators

Top Startup Accelerators to Apply for in 2017

Top startup accelerators have grown in recent years not only in number but also in relevance. Analysts define accelerators as “a fixed-term, cohort-based program including mentorship and educational components, that culminates in a public pitch event or demo day.” In short, an accelerator is a program that brings in multiple companies, puts them through basically a […]
What it's really like to be on shark tank

What It’s Actually Like To Be On ABC’s Shark Tank: PupBox CEO Explains

We interviewed Ben Zvaifler, CEO at PupBox. On Season 8 of Shark Tank, Ben accepted a $250,000 offer from Robert Herjavec. PupBox is a startup that changes the way people raise puppies by delivering toys, treats, accessories and training information to new puppy parents every month. Talked about: How entrepreneurs can get on the show, what the sharks are […]
The Future of Startups under President Trump

What Trump Means For Startups

Written By : Stephen Schlett   We can’t really be sure how everything will shake out as a new leader takes charge but here let’s focus on one important question — what Trump means for startups in America?   Immigration Drives the American Startup Culture One big area of concern that has been brought up frequently is immigration […]

How to Start a Business & Earn a Visa at the Same Time

Ah the American Dream – to open up a business. Foreign-based entrepreneurs have a few options here. Let’s go over them: If you have experience running businesses successfully, you may qualify for an O-1 visa. The 0-1 visa is for “individuals with extraordinary ability.” These are usually used by athletes (think Rory McIlroy) or performers […]

A Conversation with Elizabeth Yin of 500 Startups

We asked Elizabeth a few questions about raising venture capital in the Valley.   Elizabeth is a Partner at 500 Startups, investor in seed-stage companies & in charge of the Mountain View Accelerator. She’s a former CEO / Co-Founder at LaunchBit (acq ’14) and marketer at Google. She has a BSEE from Stanford and MBA from MIT […]

A Conversation with Jason Lemkin of SaaStr

Jason Lemkin The founder of two successful startups, Jason is now a Venture Capitalist and just raised a fund of $70 million based on his famous SaaStr brand. Jason Lemkin is a rock star in the startup world. Dubbed as the Godfather of SaaS, Jason has co-founded two super successful startups, and both acquired for […]

How to Negotiate Your Salary as an Employee

There’s no doubt about it – employers control the American workplace. From deciding when you have to arrive at work, what you have to wear, and when you must permanently leave, employers dictate most things. That’s why it’s important for employees to take advantage of the few things they have a say in. Negotiating your […]

5 Ways to Save on Legal Costs as a Startup

All startups have something in common: they’re always trying to save money. As a result, it’s understandable that startups are reluctant in hiring an attorney. Startups are constantly under pressure to succeed without losing money, and this makes it essential to utilize lawyers that are beneficial to your startup and worth the price you pay […]
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