🚀 How to Freelance in 2022 & Beyond

The modern workforce understands that job opportunities come and go. The labor market of previous generations is no longer there, and we’ve all felt the effects of the COVID-19 economy. Agility and hustle will carry us through the post-covid career landscape, but we shouldn’t go it alone. Those in traditional career paths are finally realizing they’ll only capture a small fraction of the value of the corporations where they work.

Freelancing is a game-changer. Anyone can earn a living by building a personal brand. And, the stats only take us further. By 2027, freelancers are expected to become the majority of the workforce 🤯. Previous work norms are long gone, and the pandemic has shown that achieving a good work-life balance is more important than ever before. Studies have shown that 77% of freelancers have a better work-life balance than traditional jobholders. By deciding where and when they want to work, freelancers hold all the power.

Enter the Freelance Talent Network, a digital space for finding quality work-consistently and efficiently.

Why join a freelance talent network?

  • Work with the most reputable organizations in the world
  • All your admin, legal, marketing, and customer acquisition costs are included
  • Apply to many jobs at once with just a few clicks
  • Never write another cover letter again
  • Time to hire is reduced by 75%

To make the most of these talent communities we suggest the following:

The Do’s

  • Be picky when and where you apply - don’t apply for everything you see. You won’t be perfect for every position, so don’t waste your (and the clients) time.
  • Network with your talent network’s sales team - they are the experts and can help guide you in the right direction.
  • Rely on your talent network for administrative duties and customer support - they are there to help you whenever you need it.
  • Follow up with coveted clients after your interview - they’ll appreciate it and you’ll stay top of mind.

The Don’ts

  • Join a freelance network in bad faith - this doesn’t help anyone and could reflect negatively on you.
  • Apply for a job you don’t have the bandwidth to take - this just leads to disappointment for everyone involved. Be realistic and practical on what time you have to offer.
  • Be afraid to say “no” (There are plenty of opportunities to go around). If something isn’t right for you - then say it! Honesty is the best policy and no one knows your capacity and job needs better than you.
  • Put all your eggs in one basket - to keep the income and workload that you want, it’s better to have more than 1 client.

There is a space for everyone with the skills and experience to back up their resume. Try Googling Freelance + your job title, and you’ll find several options on the first page of search results.

The legal industry has been traditionally left behind in the freelance movement. But, things are changing. According to the 2021 EY Law Survey, 85% of General Counsel are saying their law departments use external service providers to source talent, and sure enough- are interested in expanding this use even more. Companies need legal talent, and they need it quickly.

At Lawtrades, we’re pros at getting you hired. We use data-driven automation, and end-to-end vetting so we can connect you to the opportunities that suit you best. And, we have a massive network that is continually expanding. In this year alone, our talent has logged 31,000 hours of work. What else? We give you the freedom to choose the hours and rate you deserve.

Apply once, complete a quick screening- and you’re in. Then let the jobs come to you.

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